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Special thanks to all of our friends who attended our summer party last weekend.

It was a beautiful sunny weekend as Tiny Owl opened its doors to the public during the Pullens Yard Open Studios (9-11 June). The vibrant studios where Tiny Owl is located is full of craftspeople creating wonderful artworks in a variety of different mediums. We saw everything this weekend including ceramicists, printmakers, jewellers, dressmakers and much more! This biannual event takes place every summer and winter and gives everyone a chance to showcase their work to the public. Tiny Owl displayed all of our titles and enjoyed the weather as we got to talk to people about our published and upcoming books.

The festivities started on Friday night when we invited Roy Johnson, founder of Kid Gloves; Ann Lazim of CLPE; and Sarah Odedina, Editor at Large, over for a sneak peek at our upcoming books. Like us, they were very excited about our new titles. Be sure to keep an eye out for more details in the next few months!

Over the rest of the weekend, we met with lots of families, teachers and parents who came by to learn more about our books and enjoy the atmosphere of the open studios.  We had a lot of fun and hope you all can make it to our next event!

The next open studios will take place this December. To stay updated on all of Tiny Owl’s events, sign up to our newsletter!

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