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Fot those curious to know more about Iran, Tiny Owl suggest five books to read in The Big Issue.

1. The Little Black Fish, Samad Behrangi, illustrated by Farshid Mesghali
The Little Black Fish lives in a pond, but is curious to reach the sea. This children’s book is an allegory for a nation in which it was dangerous to dare to be politically different.

2. Tahmineh’s Beautiful Bird, Parviz Kalantari
The author and illustrator is an internationally known artist. Some of his works portray Iranian nomad tribes. Tahmineh is a girl from one of these tribes and this children’s picture book depicts a slice of her life.

3. The Throneless Prince of the Underground, Ali Seidabadi
Narrated in an online chat between a father on a trip to the USA and his daughter, this is the story of the father and four boys when they were teenagers. Although the subject matter is bitter, the ambience is comic. The atmosphere is unmatched in books for young adults today.

4. A Mansion in the Sky Goli, Taraghi
Short stories which can be described as ‘Old Tehran’, as if a character from such a time and place was present. In these autobiographical tales Goli reminisces on her memories from Tehran and exile.

5. My Uncle Napoleon, Iraj Pezeshkzad
The plot is set in Tehran during the chaotic times of World War Two, about an extended family. Uncle Napoleon hallucinates of conspiracies from his own family and later the British.

The Little Black Fish is out now (Tiny Owl, £12.99). Tiny Owl is run by Delaram Ghanimifard and her husband

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