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Tiny Owl needs £25,000 to survive the next few difficult months, to ensure that they can continue to publish beautiful books that reflect the diversity of our world and the people in it. Indeed, now more than ever, access to diverse and inclusive books for children is essential in developing tolerance, acceptance and empathy, and building bridges to new experiences.

While Tiny Owl have celebrated many successes since 2015, as a very small indie publisher they have been hit hard by the knock-on effects of Covid-19. Costs are growing, and a lot of projects scheduled for this year have been put on hold.

The £25,000 raised through will be used to cover Tiny Owl’s basic expenses over a three-month period. This includes design, printing, marketing, and warehouse costs.

‘Your donations will ensure that Tiny Owl can continue to soar! We’re a small indie publisher but we think globally, often matching authors and illustrators from different countries to form unique collaborations. The money we hope to receive through will enable us to continue producing high-quality, beautifully illustrated picture books that reflect the vibrant world we live in.’

Delaram Ghanimifard, Tiny Owl Publisher

Tiny Owl are offering some great rewards, depending on donation amounts, you can get signed books, exclusive and limited-edition artwork prints – from fantastic artists Piet Grobler, Nicola Davies, Sarah van Dongen and Nazli Tahvili – as well as school workshop opportunities led by Tiny Owl authors and illustrators.

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