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Trends in British literature for children

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Tiny Owl have published a number of translated titles

The Czech Literary Centre have shared a fascinating series on trends in literature for children and young adults throughout Europe.

In December they included a focus on Britain, and we’re delighted that we were recognised for our commitment to publishing multicultural books, alongside brilliant fellow indie publishers Lantana and Book Island!

Read a short snippet below. You can read the whole article here.


An ongoing campaign that champions diversity in children’s books is World Kid Lit, a blog run by a collective of volunteers. While “kid lit” is the trendy new label for children’s books, “world literature” is a term dating back to a time long before books for children and young adults were classified as a separate category. The blog coined a combination of the two and embarked on promotion of diversity in children’s literature with articles, interviews and reviews, as well as recommendations of titles for translation. Set up in 2016 with the idea of designating September as World Kid Lit Month, it now has a worldwide following among authors, translators, librarians and teachers, as well as publishers. It also lists books published in English translation, showing a year on year growth. And this is where the role of independent presses needs to be mentioned: the majority of books in translation, whether aimed at young readers or adults, are published by independents with dedicated imprints: Oneworld with Rock the Boat, Pushkin with Pushkin Children’s or The Emma Press, while Tiny OwlLantana and Book Island are children’s publishers committed to responding to the multicultural nature of British society.

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