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Tiny Owl is a small publisher making a big difference! – A Library Lady

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What a lovely blog post from blogger Anne Thompson highlighting the role of smaller publishers in providing books with an individual flavour or catering for a particular type of reader!

We love her special words about our newest publication, The Name Game!


New Children’s Books – small publishers making a big difference

Recently I read an article on the Just Imagine website with which I found myself nodding in agreement. Roy James is a school librarian and writes regular blogs for this website specialising in excellence in teaching reading and writing, each of them highlighting a particular aspect of children’s literature. This recent article was Small Publishers are a Big Deal and focused on the role of smaller publishers in providing books with an individual flavour or catering for a particular type of reader. Roy’s blog mentioned that sometimes these books may ‘fly under the radar.’ This has prompted me to share a few new books from this type of publisher that you may otherwise have missed.

Tiny Owl Publishers also received a mention in the Just Imagine blog and I have long been a fan of this independent but impressive publisher of picture books. This month sees the publication of The Name Game by acclaimed author Elizabeth Laird illustrated by Olivia Holden. This is gentle tale focusing on the importance of nature and the power of the imagination. A little girl sitting bored at home watches the activity of the natural world outside her window. This sparks an idea. She then gives each visitor a special name to match them perfectly using her imagination. This charming story introduces young children to a butterfly, a magpie and an oak tree and encourages them to notice and name the natural world around them. The delicate illustrations pair with the text perfectly in this picture book that would be suitable for very young children.

Each of these publishers provide helpful resources and activity ideas on their websites linked to the books they publish and I would recommend a browse to find out more. The Just Imagine website provides lists of books by smaller publishers too and you can find links to these in Roy’s article mentioned above. I hope this small taste has whetted your appetite to find our more about these publishers and to look out for their books in future.

I should like to thank the publishers for providing my review copies.


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