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Tiny Owl has spread its wings and migrated with two of our fantastic titles The Clever Mouse and The Boy Who Cried Wolf. These books have been translated into traditional Chinese to be loved and cherished by children across the world.

The Clever Mouse and The Boy Who Cried Wolf in Chinese

Wen Lin Publishers were captivated by the story of Mr Koochi in The Clever Mouse and the traditional tale of The Boy Who Cried Wolf at London Book Fair last year. The universal values of kindness and truth in each of these tales speak across cultures but are told in a new way, with stunning illustrations by Anahita Teymorian and Mahni Tazhibi.

The Boy who Cried Wolf

Selling foreign rights is highly rewarding and we’re thrilled that The Clever Mouse and The Boy Who Cried Wolf are our first books to have been bought by foreign publishers. It means that our stories travel across borders creating bridges between us. It’s what we’re all about – celebrating diversity through global children’s literature.
And this is just the beginning. We’re very excited about meeting publishers from around the world at London Book Fair and at Bologna this year as Tiny Owl continues to sweep and soar. Do get in touch with us if you’d like to make an appointment.



The Clever Mouse
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