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A selection of books published by Tiny Owl, featuring a diverse range of characters

We are pleased and proud that teacher Matthew Courtney, author of the Read Teach Learn Think blog, has suggested our books to educators in order to promote diversity and inclusiveness! Tiny Owl believes that all children should be able to see themselves reflected in the books that they read!

In July 2018, CLPE published a report, Reflecting Realities, which showed that the representation of diversity within children’s books was incredibly poor. Only 4% of picture books published in 2017 had BAME characters, and only 1% had a BAME main character! The statistic heavily contrasted the 32% of school aged children in England who are minority ethnic, showing that many children would be feeling left out of the stories that they were reading. Our books aim to include all children, showing a range of ethnicities and cultures! We hope that libraries and classrooms will continue to fill up with inclusive books, so that all children can feel represented and validated!

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