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Our publisher talks to Lovemybooks!

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Tiny Owl publisher, Delaram Ghanimifard

Our publisher, Delaram Ghanimifard, spoke to Lovemybooks about the importance of preserving fairy tales and folk tales!

Read what she had to say below!

We asked Tiny Owl publisher Delaram Ghanimifard her aims with this series, she said: ‘We at Tiny Owl build bridges between cultures and with ‘One Story, Many Voices’ series we wanted to create a series that paid homage to our global heritage and celebrated the diverse and colourful world we live in. Fairy Tales and Folk tales should be preserved as they help to convey important messages for children but show us how stories travel, evolve and adapt over time. They are the best way to share values of the past, from a modern perspective and by retelling we can use these stories to express our own feelings and thoughts to others.’

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