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Tiny Owl books celebrate empathy and feelings!

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The lovely people from the wonderful Readers that Care have featured not one, but FOUR of our books in their empathy collection! As part of their collection, they included The Elephant’s Umbrella, Fair Shares, Dare and Grobblechops! Read what they had to say below!

Several customers have mentioned to me how they would like to use picture books to support students well-being. I have put together a collection of books that will help you to do that and which can also help inspire a love of reading. 

This collection of picture books includes:

  • diverse characters
  • some books explore feeling in a humorous light heated way. Others are more thoughtful and reflective.
  • fun imaginative stories that are great to read aloud but which also celebrate difference and build empathy/understanding of others
  • fabulous authors and illustrators to engage readers

Most are suitable across the primary age range.

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