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We are very happy to announce that Sophie Hallam is joining our editorial team in a few weeks. This is our first good news for 2017. We will be producing more books in the future with our more energetic team. Here you will find her new blog post. You will hear from her more in the future.



Sophie Hallam

As another advent calendar window opens in each passing day to Christmas, so the days rush into the New Year. It’s an exciting time as I will soon be joining Tiny Owl and I can’t wait to get started. But it’s also a time for reflection – and 2016 has been one that has made us all take stock.


However, this time of year can also bring hope. A New Year – a new start, a new beginning. Every Christmas my family breaks bread, in a Polish tradition called opłatek – hope manifest in wafer thin bread. We wish each other the best for the coming year. So, in times such as these, whilst hope feels a fragile and intangible thing, it is present.


It exists in the narratives we weave for ourselves. Every story, no matter how bleak, includes hope. And children’s books carry messages of hope most of all.


When I look at Tiny Owl’s books, I see hope shining through: A Bottle of Happinesson the value of friendship over possessions; When I Coloured in the World a message of change; and Alive Again – a story of renewal.


This is a time for hope, and no more so than in the messages we tell our children. For first there is hope, and there follows action. I’m looking forward to working with Delaram and Karim in 2017. Let’s get out our coloured crayons and rewrite the world!


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