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We are thrilled with this sweet and thoughful review of Where’s Baby Elephant from Luminous Libros! Read on to see what they thought!


Where’s Baby Elephant?
by Ali Khodai
5 out of 5 stars

As we look for Baby Elephant, all the animals answer that they have not seen her. Baby Elephant is not in the fox den or in the birds’ nest. It’s too cold for her with the penguins, and she’s not under the sea with the sharks. The lions haven’t seen her. Finally the bears tell us that they have seen her. Baby Elephant is with her mommy!

The art work in this book is amazing! Each picture merges into another one as you lift the flaps to reveal something new. A scene that starts out as a shark underwater becomes a toucan with a long orange bill which in turn transforms into the long bushy tail of a fox mother. The whole design of each scene is so clever! I was entranced with every change as I unfolded the flaps.

The art style itself is really beautiful and colorful as well. I love the watercolor style and the sweet animal designs. This book is truly something special!


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