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We All Celebrate is ESSENTIAL for classrooms, says teacher Tom Griffiths!

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Why is We All Celebrate so perfect for classroom discussion? Find out below!


We All Celebrate – Chitra Soundar & Jenny Bloomfield

From Diwali to Chinese New Year, it’s time to venture on a rich journey of celebrations all around the world…

I adore Tiny Owl books – they are always such fascinating, inclusive books packed full of informative info and stunning illustrations – and this one is no exception. We All Celebrate! brings everyone together and shows how many celebratory traditions and rituals have evolved over centuries. I really enjoyed reading this with my children and there was lots there I didn’t know.

As a teacher, this book is essential for classrooms. It covers seasons, religious, carnivals, fasting and other cultural celebrations from across the world and is a beautiful celebration of what makes this a great world to belong to. I used this in RE today as we are exploring celebrations, how they change and evolve and the children really enjoyed this, keen to know more.

Suggested reading age: 4+

We All Celebrate! is by Chitra Soundar and Jenny Bloomfield. It’s published by Tiny Owl and is available now.



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