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Warmth emanates from every inch of every page

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We’re delighted with this wonderful review of Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me from OtherwiseEdu over on Instagram! Have a look at Jonny’s review!


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This little story in verse will warm your heart, make you smile and set your feet tapping – it is an artful collaboration between acclaimed US poet Eloise Greenfield and the brilliant Iranian illustrator, Ehsan Abdollahi. A quizzical puppy has the great fortune of joining the family of Jace, Kimmy and their Mum and Dad. Thinker is the perfect name for this poetically-inclined puppy, our narrator. Warmth emanates from every inch of every page. The mutual love between our two young poets, Thinker and his boy Jace, is so gentle and real – I first read it whilst my own cockapoo dozed on my lap. I’m a musically-minded reader of poetry, and seek out that punchiness and bounciness in verse. Greenfield thrives where others falter, and her writing doesn’t miss a beat. Her message at the back, celebrating rap as poetry, is reflected in the skilful consistency in each poem. Abdollahi’s illustrations make me want to wallpaper my house with his notebooks. The love of the family that Greenfield creates is captured through his bright textured patterns and the contemporary fashion of them all – the dad’s glasses and bearding is at a level I could only dream of. Golden verses with beautiful art. How could you use it with children? Well, you just just bask in how nice it is, for a start. After that, it would be great for children to imagine their own pets or perhaps other animals as poets. What would their story be? Would their pets rap, or would they soliloquise? Would their cat writes ambiguous haikus or filthy limericks? How would their relationship be channeled into verse? I’m going to use it in my sessions with 7 and 8 year olds next week, to think about the character of the foxes that live in our forest. I’ll share what we get up to. Buy a copy for everyone you know, and their dogs. You should buy directly from @tiny_owl_publishing #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #teacherlife #primaryeducation #primaryteacher #poetry #poetrycommunity #writepoetry #elementary #ks1 #ks2 #teachenglish #primaryenglish #outdoorlearning #childrenspoetry #teachwriting #writingforpleasure #bookcorner #readingcorner #childrensbooks #childrensbookstagram

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