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Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me sensitively conveys anxiety about being different

Publishers Weekly have written a lovely, thoughtful review of Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me. Thinker is published in the US by Sourcebooks. Read the review below.

In a poetic narrative first published in the U.K., a boy’s dog is much more than a friendly pooch—like his owner, Jace, he’s a poet: “They named me Thinker, and I knew/ this was the place to be.” Jace and Thinker communicate in non-rhymed verses. “When I recite my poems,/ I make music,” Jace says. But even though Jace loves exchanging poems with Thinker at home, he fears how others might react if they heard him recite poetry. Abdollahi illustrates in evocative collage using handmade paper, capturing the feel of Jace’s bustling community. Coretta Scott King Award winner Greenfield sensitively conveys Jace’s anxiety about being perceived as different, and his realisation that being true to one’s self is the best bet—for kids and dog poets, too. Ages 4—8.

  • Hurrah! Thinker nominated for Kate Greenaway Awards!
  • Hooray! Thinker shortlisted for CLPE Poetry Award!
  • Listen to Eloise Greenfield recite her poetry in fab video for Thinker

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