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Thinker with the other books shortlisted for the CLiPPA

School librarian C. Carter wrote a fab review of Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me on Amazon!

Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me is unique. A ‘novel in verse’ for the very youngest readers, it follows puppy Thinker as he settles in with his new family, particularly 7-year-old Jace, who is also a poet and a thinker.

Best read as a whole, the book deftly and insightfully follows Thinker and Jace through their daily lives, the ups and downs, the music and smells, the outdoors and most of all the relationships with those around them. The illustrations are joyful, playful, and warm, a perfect match to the words.

As a primary school librarian, I have read this book with Year 1 and 2 with great success. The fact that it is divided into separate poems ideally suits stopping to discuss each page, while still maintaining the momentum of the story. The poems cover a range of forms, mostly rhyming, with strong rhythm and really interesting but accessible vocabulary. My personal favourite is the final poem ‘Thinker’s Rap’.

An excellent and worthy member of the CLiPPA 2019 poetry award. Uplifting and inspiring.

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