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Thinker is full of exuberant illustrations!

Kate Wakeling for Carousel magazine loved Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me! This heartwarming book celebrates friendship and family life through poetry! Carousel is a fab guide to the best children’s books around. Read her lovely review below!

Thinker is no ordinary puppy, he’s a poet. Luckily enough, so is his owner, Jace. These deceptively simple poems follow Thinker and Jace as  together they rhyme their way across the day, although Thinker is at first forbidden from revealing his secret to the world – “Watch, think, bark… / No poems. No talk / But I am sad. Who am I, if I’m / not myself?” Ehsan Abdollahi’s colourful illustrations are terrific, providing an exuberant companion to these generous and lively poems.

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  • Thinker chosen as a top children’s book of 2018 in Ireland!
  • Eloise Greenfield explains how Thinker began

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