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Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me captures the joy of family life!

The fab teacher Ed Finch has written a wonderfully thoughtful Amazon review of Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me! Thinker is a heartwarming poetry book about a child poet and his talking puppy. Read the great review below!

This charming book has more going on than you might immediately think.

Thinker is a puppy who just happens to be able to speak, and what’s more he’s a poet – he likes to speak in verse. Thinker’s owner, Jace, is a child who fears what might happen if other people found out what his dog can do. With pet’s day day coming up at school, should Jace risk taking Thinker into class?

The story might seem thin but Jace’s anxiety will chime with many young readers. The worry of being found out to be unusual and subsequent humiliation is very real to children and this book might prove a safe place to discuss these fears.

Author Eloise Greenfield seems to have had great fun writing Thinker’s poetry. The pup’s name might incline you to think he’s a kind of philosopher – and you wouldn’t be far wrong – his poetry explores the great pleasure and joy to be found in the mundane and the everyday. The poetry comes in a lot of different forms, sometimes strictly metrical some times freer. You could have good fun composing your own poems copying Thinker’s styles. Teachers could get some good book talk and written work from this book. I would suggest using it in combination with Sharon Creech’s beautiful book ‘Love that Dog’ which shares some of its themes and a lot of its joy.

The book is beautifully illustrated by the Iranian artist Ehsan Abdollahi. His colours and forms complement the writing to capture the joy of family life. Fans may notice that the father in Jace’s family bears a marked resemblance to Abdollahi himself.

It was an absolute pleasure to receive a review copy of this book, it’s another big win for publishers Tiny Owl who have made a lovely job of making the book a delight to hold, look at and share.

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