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Thinker will give children a lifelong love of poetry!

The amazing Charlotte Hacking of CLPE has chosen 10 (plus a few more) of the best new children’s poetry books for Books for Keeps! Among them is Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me, a beautiful picture book about two young poets — one human and one canine! Read her fab review below!

As National Poetry Day 4 October approaches, Charlotte Hacking explains why children’s poetry is worth celebrating and chooses ten recent collections to inspire a lifelong love of the form.

There are so many reasons to be optimistic about the future of children’s poetry. Not only are we seeing an increasing amount of children’s poetry being published, but there has also been a significant shift in the quality of the production values in recent years. This has made choosing only ten books for this list a virtually impossible task. I’m cheating slightly here by making a couple of extra recommendations for some other wonderful books that link with other texts I’ve recommended. I hope that there will be something here for everyone.

For younger readers, Thinker, My Puppy Poet and Me (Tiny Owl) also introduces these ideas [of rhythm and music], alongside captivating illustrations by Ehsan Abdollahi.

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