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Thinker is a delightful piece of poetic whimsy

Kirkus Reviews have featured Thinker: My Puppy Poet and Me! Read the review below.

A puppy gets a new home and a new family while learning to communicate.

When 7-year-old Jace receives a new pet dog, he picks out the perfect name for a puppy who believes he is a poet. “We’ll name you ‘Thinker,’ yes, I think / that that’s the name for you.” Jace, too, is a poet. “When I recite my poems, / I make music.” Not permitted to attend school with Jace, Thinker spends time at home with Jace’s little sister, Kimmy, and visits with his twin, who lives nearby. At last, it’s “Pets’ Day at school,” but Jace doesn’t want his poet puppy to speak. As Thinker knows, he’s afraid “his friends will say / he’s a weird kid, with a weird pet.” Despite his best effort not to, Thinker recites a poem—but all the other pets join in with their own special talents, to the delight of the teacher, students, and even Jace. Greenfield brings her vast experience to this delightful piece of poetic whimsy that celebrates the powers of poetry, family, and friendship. Jace’s family is African-American while neighbors and schoolmates are pictured as diverse. The poems are primarily free verse, but there are haiku and rap as well. Iranian illustrator Abdollahi uses expressive handmade and -colored paper collages to complement the mood. The light and liveliness of the pictures are eye-catching and appealing, and the color palette is warm and rich, further enhancing the poetry.

A good way to introduce the youngest readers to extended narratives in verse. (Picture book/poetry. 4-8)

  • Watch this video to learn more about illustrator Ehsan Abdollahi
  • Watch this video: Get inspired by poet Eloise Greenfield
  • Thinker chosen as a top children’s book of 2018 in Ireland!

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