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Will & Nill
Will & Nill

Read a wonderful review of Will & Nill by fab Jill Bennett for Books for Keeps:


Meet two cats, Will and Nill, different in almost every way except that they are both, on this particular morning, very hungry. Will however decides to do something about it; off he goes in search of food and, or, distractions from a rumbling tummy – not his, but Nill’s. All that lazy Nill fellow wants to do is to loll around, basking in the sunshine. Pretty soon, Will is happily engaged in a game of hide and seek with a sparrow: Nill on the other hand, has gone back to sleep. The game proceeds and finishes; and that is when Will gets a whiff of something. Right there, protruding from the very bin behind which he’d found the sparrow, is something very desirable and very tasty – albeit rather pongy. What do you think Will does next: gobble down the entire delicacy on the spot or save a morsel for Nill?


There’s so much to enjoy here (there always is with Tiny Owl books – every one is a treasure within which is a thought-provoking notion, a philosophical consideration or a lesson about life; and sometimes, all of them.) Atieh Markazi’s cityscapes, wherein she places her wonderfully realised feline characters, are really striking and perfectly bring out the inherent humour of Hasanzadeh’s fable.

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An extract from Will & Nill


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