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There’s Room for Everyone is gorgeous and cosy!

Primary teaching assistant Lesley McFarlane wrote a great Goodreads review for There’s Room for Everyone! This beautiful picture book offers a message of kindness and tolerance. Read it below!

I loved the quirky illustrations on and in this gorgeous picture book. The sumptuous warm palette is right up my street and also portray a cosiness that isn’t always mirrored in the text.

The impossibly long-limbed characters bend and stoop to fit into the frame of the pages in the first part of the book. The main character reflects on how, when he looks back on his life, us humans are constantly fighting over spaces and land. (The squabble for the lavatory may well be my favourite). He finds this frustrating because as he has grown and traveled or experienced the world he has found there is room for the fish in the sea, animals on the land -and my favourite-the books in the library ( worlds within words – space for everything!)

The man reveals that he has a secret…if we are kind and understanding with one another there is room for everyone.
In the last part of the book, the people aren’t bent and stooped any more. They fit into their house, their space. A lovely idyll.
The author Anahita Teymorion has turned her thoughts and feelings into a really lovely book.

A great children’s book with lots to talk about in each picture but also a base for some very interesting discussion about sustainability, extinction and of course kindness.

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