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There’s Room for Everyone shows that love overcomes everything!

Dolphin Booksellers loved There’s Room for Everyone and its positive messages, which talk about difficult topics in a simple and child-friendly way. Read their fab review below!

‘Hope in a Scary World’ is a new series of books launched by  Tiny Owl publishers as part of the International Day of Peace in September 2018. ‘There’s Room for Everyone’ is the first in this new series, which aims to reassure children and bring positive messages in response to ongoing world events.

These are difficult topics including anti-war messages, the global refugee crisis and social issues such as Brexit, Trump’s Muslim ban and the separation of children from parents at the US border.

Picture books are a way of allowing children to explore and talk about difficult topics in a non threatening way.

” We cover children’s eyes and their ears and hope they won’t see and hear: but they do see and they do understand. So we need books for children, in their own playful way, to show them what’s wrong with the world and how they can fix it! And that there’s always hope!” Delaram Ghanimifard,  Tiny Owl Publisher.

There’s Room for Everyone, which is written and illustrated by Iranian Anahita Teymorian,  looks at spaces from a child’s point of view and how some spaces can be too small. It ends with an image of people looking out of windows and the words, “ If we are kinder, and if we love each other then in this beautiful world, there’s room for everyone”.

A wonderful book with a message of amazement that our world sometimes just does not see that love overcomes everything.

Recommended for all ages and especially 3-6 years

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