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There’s Room for Everyone talks about conflict and spaces that can be shared.

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Open up discussions about acceptance and kindness.

We’re delighted that the timely story There’s Room for Everyone has been featured as part of Books for Topics recommended reading for Refugee Week! Have a read below!

Nominated by: Delaram Ghanimifard (@dellygh), children’s book publisher

“A child wonders, if there is room in the sky for all the stars and in the sea for all the fish and in the library for all the books, why people still fight over space? Surely if we are kinder, there is room for everyone in this beautiful world. There’s Room for Everyone is a picture book that talks about conflicts and spaces that can be shared. It makes children think about these concepts compassionately, without thinking of a specific ethnicity as victims of war. The story is timeless, and can open discussions about acceptance and kindness in any context.”

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  • There’s Room for Everyone long-listed for Derby Children’s Picture Book Award!
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