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There’s Room for Everyone is full of positive messages!

Educational consultants Just Imagine think There’s Room for Everyone is perfect for the classroom! This charming picture book has a simple yet powerful message of peace and acceptance. Read their fab review below!

A wonderful little book filled with positive messages about how we can all live together happily and peacefully.

This book provides a beautifully innocent view on the world from the eyes of a young boy. In a world where there should be enough room for everyone, the young boy simply cannot fathom why so many fall out in a fight for space and territory.

This book  cleverly addresses some serious issues in our world today, highlighting the fact that there is enough room for everyone to live on earth in harmony. The book combines beautiful imagery and  clear text to send some poignant messages. Sometimes it really does make sense to look at the world through a child’s eyes, and this book highlights just that.

I think this book provides good opportunities for discussion in a PSHE lesson, linking the text to themes of war, environmental protection and kindness. The relatable content and perspective on the world will certainly appeal to children and could well impact positively on a generation that can strive to address some of the issues mentioned!

Grab this book and pop it in your classroom!

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