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Pre-OrderThere’s Room for Everyone’

The first in the Hope in A Scary World series, There’s Room for Everyone!

We are thrilled to introduce our fantastic new title, There’s Room for Everyone! Written and illustrated by the wonderful Anahita Teymorian, who also wrote the excellent modern fables of The Clever Mouse and A Bird Like Himself, There’s Room for Everyone marks the start of our brand new series, Hope in a Scary World. That’s exactly what this book is full of! Hope.

There’s Room for Everyone expresses a message of sharing and peace. Nobody can feel left out with this touching story, focusing how this planet has enough room for all people to coexist. As a child grows up in the world, he questions that if there is room in the sky for all of the stars, and room in the sea for all of the fish (even the whales!), then why are humans constantly fighting each other for space? A beautiful tale promoting tolerance and compassion, There’s Room for Everyone encourages people to stop their greed and arguing and instead learn to live together in harmony.

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