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Mr B’s Book Reviews wrote a lovely review of There’s Room for Everyone! Read it below!

This poignant picture book satirises humans’ greed for space.

The book simply yet cleverly ponders why creatures in the sea, books in a library, birds in a garden and a baby in a mother’s tummy are all able to find space without dilemma.

Yet humans fight for space everyday, battling each other for small and large areas of land instead of sharing.

This beautiful picture book appeals for peace and harmony, whilst promoting themes of kindness, sharing and love.

Author Anahita Teymorian lives in war-torn Iran, and wrote this book because of the news on the television.

The news showed warfare – all for a piece of land. Through this picture book she poses the uncomplicated, effortless question: Why can’t we just share?

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  • There’s Room for Everyone long-listed for Derby Children’s Picture Book Award!

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