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We can live together in kindness, peace and love

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There’s Room for Everyone addresses social justice and living in harmony.

Check out this wonderful review of There’s Room for Everyone from Scope for Imagination! Read it below.

This insightful story is told from a child’s innocent, positive point of view. There is enough room in the house for all of his toys, enough room for the stars in the sky, enough room for birds in the garden and fish in the sea. Why then does there seem to not be enough room for people in the world? The narrator sees people fighting for space – on the train, in offices and in war.  Why do people fight? Why can’t there just be enough room for everyone?

There is enough room if we can live together in kindness, peace and love. This gently questioning picture book promotes harmony, tolerance and being content with what we have. It challenges the greed in the world and the importance of learning to share. The message goes far beyond the childish concept of “enough room” and encourages readers of all ages to consider the wars happening around the world and the refugee crisis. There is enough room if we change our mindset.

The strong illustrations with their natural colour scheme and clever use of the page emphasise these important messages. The animals are comfortable within the drawings yet people seem to struggle and look so uncomfortable. It is not lack of space that is the problem but how we see it.

This is a great addition to any collection of meaningful picture books addressing social justice and how we all can live together in harmony.

Thank you to Tiny Owl for this lovely book!

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