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There’s definitely room for this beautiful new book, There’s Room for Everyone, on your bookshelf! Which is good news, as it’s now out and available to buy.

As a young boy grows up he reflects on all the spaces in the world. No matter how many books, or animals, or toys there are, there is always enough space for everything. But, as he gets older, he realise that people are always fighting for space. Small spaces, big spaces, and even strange spaces. Why do they do it? Surely, they know that if we are kind and love each other, then there will be room enough for everyone!

There’s Room for Everyone is created by Iranian author/illustrator Anahita Teymorian. Anahita has won awards at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and the Noma Concours. Her other books for Tiny Owl include The Clever Mouse (2015) and A Bird Like Himself (2015). There’s Room for Everyone is a timeless yet topical allegory for war and the refugee crisis which is presented as a child’s simple yet thoughtful reflections on conflict. It’s the ideal book for starting conversations on war and conflict with children.

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  • Read some beautiful comments by Anahita Teymorian, the creator of There’s Room for Everyone, about the global reach of her stories

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