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There’s Room for Everyone


We were delighted to see that the lovely Parents in Touch had such kind words to say about our upcoming picture book There’s Room for EveryoneThis is the first book in our new Hope in A Scary World series, and spreads an uplifting message of sharing, acceptance and peace! Read the wonderful review below.

As he lies in bed, a little child ponders about the world; it seems there was always room for everything – and there still is plenty of room in the sky and in the seas, for animals and for books. So whyy do people fight for space? This perceptive, positive and thoughtful book raises discussion points and highlights the futility of man’s fight over space. If we are kinder to one another, surely there will always be room for everyone? Dramatic bold illustrations are full of engaging details that will prompt further discussion about the way we use space… and how to share for the benefit of all, often taking the lead from nature.

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  • Touching inspiration behind There’s Room for Everyone!
  • Introducing the Hope in A Scary World series
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