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There’s Room for Everyone encourages us to change our thinking!

Parenting magazine JUNO loved There’s Room for Everyone! This heart-warming story is perfect for showing children the importance of empathy and kindness. Read their fab review!

Anahita Teymorian writes that this book was created when she sat down to watch the news and became angered by what she saw. Many of the words are phrases she shouted at the TV! Her reasoning was that, if there was enough room on her busy table for her lunch plate, why could we not see that we could make room in the world for everyone? This book takes us through times when we might think there isn’t room, but there is: when we grow; when we have lots of toys to cuddle up to; when there are lots of birds in the garden. Teymorian is encouraging us to change our thinking: we see people fighting for space – for big spaces, for small spaces, even for spaces in the lavatory! But if we are kind and love each other, then there is room for everyone. A humbling and thought-provoking picture book.

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