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A modern tale about peace and kindness

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We have been overwhelmed by the response to our #NotWarWithIran campaign on social media. We invited people to speak out against the threat of war, and call for the protection of every child from the violence and unrest that comes with war. Books are a great way to approach difficult and sensitive topics, as well as promote hope and empathy.

We absolutely love BookBairn‘s recent review of There’s Room for Everyone. Have a look at what Kim had to say!

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I think one of the things that is most difficult to explain to our children is the way that conflict continues to happen in our world. The world is a big place with plentiful resources. Surely there is enough for everyone? And that’s what this new book sets out to show. A mother’s tummy is small but there is room enough for a baby. A house may seem small but there is room enough for family. There is room enough for stars in the sky, and birds in the trees, and books at the library. There’s even room enough for elephants! And yet people everywhere are fighting for space: a seat on the underground, the best desk in an office, territory and natural resources. But this book observes “if we are kinder, and if we love each other then, in this beautiful world, there is room enough for everyone.“ With illustrations of people squashed in spaces and a small boy‘s view of the world, as well as a stack of fantastic books, this is a fascinating book that tells a modern moral about peace and kindness. (Sent by the publisher @tiny_owl_publishing for review.)

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