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What if we were just a bit kinder to each other? 

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With love and kindness, there will always be enough room for everyone!

We’re delighted with this brilliant review of There’s Room for Everyone from Little Box of Books! Skyscanner asked Little Box of Books to share their top tips for helping children explore different countries and cultures from home. The titles from the collection below will take your kids on far-flung adventures and allow them to discover new destinations, despite the current travel restrictions. Read the review below!

In this compelling tale, a little boy wonders: if the planet has enough room for all of its animals and creatures, and they can all make space for each other, why can’t humans do the same? He thinks about how he’s seen people fighting for space in all of the destinations he’s travelled to, concluding that if we were all just a bit kinder to each other, a bit more willing to share and more open to love, there would be more than enough room for everyone.

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