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There’s Room for Everyone will make children and adults giggle

Blogger Claire Storey has included There’s Room for Everyone in her focus on books about refugees and migration for World Refugee Week.

I want to finish this week-long look at books focusing on refugees and migration with this uplifting picture book by Iranian writer Anahita Teymorian (Tiny Owl). The message is quite simple, there’s room for everyone!

At the back of the book, Anahita describes the day she sat shouting at the television about all the awful events happening in the world. Afterwards, she sat down and started writing down all the things she had said, moulding them to become this book. The detail in the illustrations in this picture book is fabulous – there are whales with handbags, giraffes with necklaces and bracelets. We enjoyed giggling at some of the pictures, the birds on the washing line (my favourite is the last bird on the right) and the noses sticking out of the tanks.

The little boy starts by pointing out how all around the world, there is enough space for all the animals, all the stars, all the sea creatures but that as he grows up and travels, he sees people fighting for space. Now he’s grown up, his final message is a conspiratorial secret to share with the reader: “if we are kinder and we love each other then, in this beautiful world, there’s room for everyone”. What an uplifting message for the world!

What my daughter had to say:

Emma (5): I like this book because the drawings are really good. I like the elephant holding a yo-yo!

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