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There’s Room for Everyone is full of kindness!

We’re so pleased that fab children’s book blog Achuka have chosen There’s Room for Everyone as one of their selected books! Find out what they said below!

There’s Room For Everyone by Anahita Teymorian is the launch title (publishing later this month) in a projected new series from Tiny Owl called ‘Hope In A Scary World’.

Tiny Owl’s publisher Delaram Ghanimifard says, “I think we underestimate children. We cover their eyes and their ears and hope they won’t see and hear: but they do see, and they do understand. So we need books for children, in their own playful way, to show them what’s wrong with the world and how they can fix it! And that there’s always hope.”

She says they chose There’s Room For Everyone as the launch title “Because even today, we’re still facing problems around refugees and immigration, and people thinking that the world belongs only to themselves. This book was perfect to show how silly that idea was, and how with kindness, we can all live happily in this world.”

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