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There’s Room for Everyone provides a springboard for discussion!

There’s Room for Everyone is a unique story!

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We’re delighted with this wonderful review of There’s Room for Everyone, shared by Kiss the Book! Have a read below!


“Before I was born, there was only a little space in my mommy’s tummy…  But there was enough room for me.”  So begins the beautifully illustrated and thought provoking story of  how people everywhere should be a little kinder, a little more loving and a lot more understanding.  As a child, author Anahita Teymorian noted that there was enough room for her stuffed animals, the stars and moon in the sky, and all animals- even the giraffes and elephants! As she got older she realized that as human beings we fought over unimportant things- small spaces, large spaces and even strange spaces.  There’s Room for Everyone explores how a change of attitude and heart is needed to heal the world in which we now live.

There’s Room for Everyone is a unique story with stunning artwork! The story is written for children but has an important message for all ages.  There’s Room for Everyone can be used in a unit on current world issues. The deeper message might be lost on younger readers-who will fall in love with the illustrations -but this picture book will certainly provide a springboard of discussion for older children/grades.

Reviewer: SL
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  • There’s Room for Everyone long-listed for Derby Children’s Picture Book Award!
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