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There’s Room for Everyone shows how silly some humans can be!

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Full of bright pastel type drawings that help explain the story

We’re delighted with this fantastic review of There’s Room for Everyone from The Library Mouse Tales. Read the lovely review below.

We have another picture book by this author (The Clever Mouse) and like the way she illustrates. The book is full of bright pastel type drawings that really help explain the text and show just how selfish silly some humans can be!

The book is about a little boy who is growing up and learning about the world. He has lots of thoughts and ideas about how huge the world is. He can see that there is enough room in the sky for all the stars and the moon. There is enough room for all the fish and whales in the ocean and all the animals in the jungle.

But for some reason, people always seem to act like there isn’t enough room. They fight for room in buildings, on transport and in towns and countries. Humans are mean to other people who they think are taking their space. The little boy is clever, he realises that if we are all a bit kinder and can live together peacefully then there will be enough room for everyone to live happily.

Some people may want use book this to talk about the idea of war or conflicts that create refugees. At the moment, the news is full of stories about refugees and this book could help young children understand why there are refugees in the world and how they need to be treated with kindness.

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