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There’s Room for Everyone is a top book for Refugee Week

The Letterpress Project have compiled a selection of recommended books for children and adults that include stories about asylum seekers and refugees from around the world.

There’s Room for Everyone was included in the list! This warm picture book promotes peace and reminds us that if we’re kind to each other, there’s room enough for everyone in the world to exist in harmony.

Two of our other fantastic authors were also included in the list. One was Elizabeth Laird, the brilliant author of our book Grobblechops. They featured her books Kiss the Dust, Oranges in No Man’s Land, and Welcome to Nowhere.

The other was Beverley Naidoo, author of our cross-cultural fairytale Cinderella of the Nile. They featured her books The Other Side of Truth and Web of Lies.

Check out the rest of the list and discover some fantastic reads!

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