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Written by: Delaram Ghanimifard, Co-founder at Tiny Owl Publishing



Have you ever faced a situation when big changes in life seem to obstruct your view of future? Have you ever felt that tomorrow is an ambiguous meaningless word? If your child was ever in a situation like that what would you do to help?


I guess we all face changes in all stages of our lives. For my two sons the big change of their lives was migration to the UK. My younger son was nine when we moved to London. He faced a year of stress and anxiety when he realised he had to go to a school where he did not understand their language and sit next to children who couldn’t communicate with him very well. He felt lost.


These days I face a big decision in my life. I have studied to become a doctor in political sociology for many years, and now I have found a new love: children’s books.  I have to choose to change my path from an academic life to the world of publishing and books. At my age, I think, it is not an easy decision to steer away from where I dreamed of, to a new, undiscovered world. I then remember my father starting to practise and play his violin at the age of 60. He was so determined, so passionate about it, that he wouldn’t miss a day of early morning practise (just beside my room)! This reminds me again of those difficult days with my son and how we tackled his problem.


Together with my son, we talked long hours and read books together. Especially those days that he was scared to sleep alone. Books always helped to calm and reassure him. Actually books are always the best companion in children’s (and grown ups’) difficult days. Now that my son is grown and well and confident, I have found the perfect book that I could read to him in those days:


An illustration from Alive Again
An illustration from Alive Again

“When blossom goes, does the word ‘blossom’ die? asked a boy. “Can there ever be blossom again?”

When spring came again, the boy’s father said, “Look! New blossom has been born. The word ‘blossom’ is alive again.”


(From Alive Again by Ahmadreza Ahmadi, illustrated by Nahid Kazemi)


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