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Caged encourages creativity!

We love this review of Caged from Eye magazine! Caged is a fun and witty wordless picture book that promotes a positive message of freedom. They have come up with some fantastic suggestions for how to enjoy the book with children! Find out what they said below!

The old saying goes that ‘a picture paints a thousand words’, which is more often than not true, as is the case here. This wonderful book is the third in Tiny Owl’s wordless picture book series that aims to encourage children’s creativity and imagination.

Each double-page spread shows a progression and there are a number of powerful concepts illustrated, such as freedom, ambition, nature, conservation, and more. There are so many ways you can enjoy this book, whether sharing with one child or a group, letting the children explore the pages independently and then discussing the story, or perhaps discussing each page as you view them. Or you may have other ways of sharing.

Children may also enjoy deciphering the story and meanings by themselves, sharing their opinions with each other, and perhaps you. It would be interesting to note their discussions, and the feelings this book evokes, and then re-visiting over time to see whether their opinions or the subject matter discussed changes.

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