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We have been asking children’s writers, illustrators, lecturers and journalists:

‘Are picture books for children, or adults can enjoy them just as much?’

Below you will find the last answers of our survey.

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Catherine Friess
Catherine Friess

Catherine Friess:
There’s a picture book for everybody out there

Picture books are changing and authors and illustrators are experimenting with new and more exciting formats for adults as well as children to enjoy. Many picture books are mini works of art and introduce readers to new concepts and exciting stories. Adults can definitely enjoy picture books whether they share them with a child or read them alone, there’s a picture book for everybody out there!
*Catherine is a mum, book blogger, writer and teacher.



Paula Shapland
Paula Shapland

Paula Shapland:
Picture books have the power to tell a story that touches everyone

Picture books are written and illustrated by adults who still think like children. They have the power to tell a story that touches everyone. In order to engage children we have to think like children. Picture books take the imagination of a child and fuse it with the wisdom of an adults experiences. By doing so books can touch everyone, young, old and from all walks of life. The most important thing is that we continue to read to our children.
*Paula is an illustrator



Angie Stevens
Angie Stevens

Angie Stevens AKA Doodlemum:
I could live in the pictures!

I love picture books. Having children has allowed me to completely indulge my love of gorgeous illustrations. My most favourite is “Madeline” I could live in the pictures.
In fact one day you may very well find me on the page with the tiger in the zoo on the bench drawing Madeline and her friends saying “poo poo!”.

*Angie is an auther.




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