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The Clever Mouse
The Clever Mouse

Thank you Ferelith Hordon for a fabulous review of The Clever Mouse. This review is published in IBBY Link, spring 2016:


Anahita Teymorian, trans. Azita Rassi from Persian, ed. Pippa Goodhart, London: Tiny Owl, hb. 9 781 9103 2801 9, 2015, £11.99, 25pp. [Picture Book. Age range 3–5. Keywords: Arabian Nights; anthropomorphism; mouse; humour; princess.]



Mr Koochi is a clever little mouse. He builds his own house, grows his own food and cooks his own meals. But he would like a wife. It shouldn’t be too difficult for a clever little mouse like him. That’s what he thinks … but is he right?

This is a very enjoyable story with an attractive message about the value of kindness over appearances. Accompanying the story are the illustrations by Teymorian, reflecting the country that brought us the Arabian Nights. She brings out the humour through her portrayal of Mr Koochi and his bride, the Mouse Princess, while delighting our senses with her wonderful rich colour palate. This is another beautiful addition to our picture-book shelves and a very welcome one.

See iranian-illustrated-childrens-books for more illustrations from Tiny Owl books.

Ferelith Hordon

From: The Clever Mouse
From: The Clever Mouse


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