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Read a nice review of The Snowman and the Sun by Mirrors Windows Doors among their snowman picture books reading list from around the world:



An original presentation of the evaporation process, narrated from the perspective of a snowman who melts, evaporates, becomes a cloud then, as the temperature drops, turns into snow again and falls to earth to return to his snowman state at the hands of the same boy who had made him in the first place.

The snowman’s chattiness is beautifully complemented by the illustrations which suggest a school exercise book with their gridded background, but whose content spins off into a series of fun mini-narratives: children can follow the antics of an ice-cream-eating cat, a bee and a family of goldfish, as well as the boy – and they all interact with the snowman in his different guises. Not a detail is superfluous and children will absorb the science while reveling in its imaginative presentation.

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