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The Snowman and the Sun is brilliant for further discussion about change!

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The Snowman and the Sun is full of positive energy!

We’re delighted with this lovely review of The Snowman and the Sun over on Scope for Imagination! Read what Kate Heap has to say below.

Where does a snowman go when it melts? This charming description of evaporation and the water cycle helps children to understand, step by step, what happens to water when the temperature changes. Following the journey of a friendly snowman (and his cat friend), young readers will understand the basics of these scientific concepts through straightforward sentences and clear facts.

Written from the snowman’s point of view, this picture book is engaging and fun. The charming illustrations will grab readers and take them along for the journey into the clouds and back down to earth again. The boy is there for every stage of the cycle and embraces the change.

This book is full of positive energy. It will be a fantastic jumping off point for further discussions about change. Change is normal. Change is natural. Through seasons and cycles, the world will change but what happens next can be positive and happy.

Thank you to Tiny Owl for this lovely book!

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