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9781910328101The Snowman and the Sun as reviewed by Dolphin Book Blog:

It is a delightful story about a snowman and his journey. You may think that a snowman stays firmly put on the ground. But in fact in this story the sun warms him and first of all he melts and then he evaporates and climbs high into the sky.

He turns into a cloud drifting free in the sky until it gets cold again and he falls as snow on the ground. Along come the children and once again he becomes a snowman.

A story about change and an explanation about how water is everywhere, the water cycle explained for young children.

the snowman and the sun tex low
From: The Snowman and the Sun

The book is translated by Azita Rassi and published by the brilliant new publisher Tiny Owl, a publisher to watch out for.

We recommend this book for 3- 7 years, either reading together or late on their own.

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