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A truly magical retelling!

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This classic tale is given a new life!

We’re delighted that Jo Cummins from Library Girl & Book Boy has featured The Secret of the Tattered Shoes as part of their recommendations for collections of reimagined fairy tales for a more modern era!

Read what Jo had to say below.

This is a truly magical re-telling of the Brothers Grimm’s ‘The Twelve Dancing Princesses.’ Retold by Jackie Morris with strikingly intricate illustrations by Ehsan Abdollahi, this classic tale is given new life.

The king is desperate to find out why, every morning without fail, his twelve daughters wake up with pairs of tattered shoes worn tucked under their beds. Many brave young men have tried to find the answer following the promise of a marriage to royalty, but all have failed and perished.

Desperate, the king turns to a young soldier who’s emerges from the woods. Will he be able to solve the mystery and win the hand of one of the princesses? 6+

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