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The Secret of the Tattered Shoes is an impressive reworking of a timeless fairy tale

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A fresh retelling of an old tale!

We’re delighted that The Secret of the Tattered Shoes has been featured as part of The Cool Things Chicago Book Club!

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If you’re looking for a fantastic baby book with a fresh telling of an old tale, look no further than Jackie Morris’s The Secret of the Tattered Shoes. It’s an impressive reworking of the timeless Brothers Grimm fairy tale of 12 dancing princesses who, despite being locked into their bedroom at night, have their shoes worn down by sunrise, as if they’d been dancing the night through.

It’s the job of one curious young soldier to unravel their overnight exploits. In addition to its  fascinating storyline, the book is full of marionette-style collage illustrations by Ehsan Abdollahi, all of which appeal to a baby’s growing curiosity. That’s why it never misses in any list of the best baby books.

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