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Buy The Phoenix of Persia

Book blog In the Twelve shared this fab review of The Phoenix of Persia! Have a look!

Taken from the Shahnameh, this story is one of Prince Zal, cast out as a baby by his father, the King, as he was born with white hair, a sure sign of doom. The Simorgh – the Phoenix – comes to Zal’s rescue , and with the line, ‘Something precious will grow from this seed,’ Zal is saved. He is brought up by the bird, and is taught how to hunt, build fires, to run and how to live.

After many years, the King comes to realise his mistake – but is it too late? Will Prince Zal want to see him? And what of the Phoenix, the bird that has brought him up?

Reading this book is an enriching experience, not least because of the wonderfully vivid illustrations, but also the music that goes alongside it, accessed via a QR code in the book. This allows the reader to experience the authenticity of a story told to music, and begin to understand the depth music can add to a traditional tale.

In addition to this, there are teacher resources which can be accessed online, and a really helpful blog post by Ceri (@TeacherGlitter).

Thank you to the kind people at Tiny Owl for sending me this copy.

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