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The Phoenix of Persia is a welcome rendition of a traditional tale!

Senior lecturer Mathew Tobin has written a fab review of The Phoenix of Persia on Goodreads. He gave it five stars! Read the review below.

The Phoenix of Persia tells of the birth of Prince Zal who is cast out by his father for his white hair. But Zal is touched by fate and he eventually finds himself in the care of the Simorgh a wise and majestic phoenix who teaches him poetry, science, song, drawing, history and the names of all plants. Through her guidance, Zal grows up to be wise and knowledgeable and the day comes when he is drawn to meet his father once more.

Clayton, a founder of The Company of Storytellers, collaborates so well with Sharif’s sgraffito illustrations and full credit must be given to the editing team in matches not only words and pictures but music too! An unusual yet welcome rendition of a traditional tale from the Shahnameh, The Phoenix of Persia comes with an online retelling that is accompanied with music and also provides an instrumental for you to read along yourself (accessible via a QR Code within the book) – a unique, immersive reading experience.

This production celebrates the ancient Iranian storytelling tradition (and probably all early storytelling) of music being played in tandem alongside the telling of a tale. Each instrument (in the case, a ney, qanun, santur and tanbur) represents a character from the story and it provides an engaging insight into an aspect of traditional storytelling which will stay with children. Further details can be found here: along with a useful and carefully-considered cross-curricular resource pack for teacher.

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