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The Phoenix of Persia retells an epic of world literature

Parents in Touch have written a fab review of our ancient tale The Phoenix of Persia! Read it below!

The story is based on the Shahnameh, an epic of world literature by Iranian poet Ferdowsi. In a busy marketplace in Iran, a traditional storyteller regales her audience with the tale of Prince Zal and the Simorgh. The Simorgh is a wise phoenix whose flapping wings disperse the seeds of life across the world. When King Sam commands that his long-awaited newborn son Zal be abandoned because of his white hair, the Simorgh adopts the baby and raises him alongside her own chicks and teaches him everything she knows. But when the king comes to regret his actions, Prince Zal will learn that the most important lesson of all is forgiveness. The stunning illustrations are by Amin Hassanzadeh Sharif. In this special edition, the story has been set to music, with each instrument representing a different character. You can download music to go with the book. Children are required to study stories from a variety of cultures and this beautifully illustrated book is an excellent way to encourage that; the extra dimension of downloading the music really adds to the atmospheric feeling of the book. My copy of the book came with an exceptionally good booklet of teacher resources which is packed with ideas for using the book throughout the curriculum – this is a real boon for teachers and adds hugely to the usefulness of the book. A really good all-round resource.

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