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The Name Game is the perfect nature based picture book to share with young readers!

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The perfect Nature based Picture Book to share with younger readers

This selection of books include those which I would highly recommend adding to those which you have collected at home to share with your little ones, including grandchildren, as they are the sort of book brilliance that will withstand the test of time, and be loved by generation after generation. We all know that there are lots of picture books to choose from, and it is often difficult to narrow down our choices, so I hope this blog post helps you in your decision making, not least because I gift those truly special titles to family members with little ones in their lives, and as a former primary school librarian am only too aware of how picture books are already in their abundance, and thus adding any new ones would ultimately come down to how relevant the content is to the younger children choosing them.

The Name Game – Elizabeth Laird and Olivia Holden

  • Publishes on 2nd June by Tiny Owl Publishing

I’ve been a huge fan of Elizabeth Laird’s beautiful storytelling for many years now, and I am delighted to share this picture book that is stunningly written by her because it is a heart-warming story that little ones will adore, and truly is one that you will cherish. The Name Game tells of how a little boy comes to appreciate everything that the natural world around him has to offer. He is stuck at home with nobody to play with and nothing to do, but when he notices things outside his window he becomes completely captivated.

The young boy creates his own game of sorts, in which he offers majestic names to those that he engages with outside of his window, including a magpie, tree, cat and butterfly, and he does so by logically factoring in the way that each of them truly deserves to be described, and in naming each of them he gives them the acknowledgment they are truly deserving of. In creating a fantastic game, using his imagination, it offers him the distraction and entertainment he is looking for, and leads to a far more interesting trip to the park with his mum later on too.

The illustrations in this book compliment the text perfectly, and Olivia Holden is definitely the perfect choice for illustrating this beautiful story, as she brings the characters in the book to life with such an incredible attention to detail, and in doing so she encapsulates the beauty of everything that the young boy discovers so that readers can truly appreciate their majestic features. My favourite illustration is that of the tree that the young boy notices and names, because Olivia gives the tree the magical presence amongst the outdoors it is deserving of, and ensures you appreciate its dominance and grace.

This is a book that inspires all of us to pay attention to that which we often overlook, and in appreciating the outside world we can find so much that it has to offer. It is also a story that encourages children to use their imaginations, whether it be playing the name game for themselves or creating one of their own, because our imaginations know no bounds, and the possibilities of combining both the world around us with our powerful imaginations is a recipe for so much enjoyment, excitement, and additional awareness too.

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